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About Us

ClubLocal Owl
We asked ourselves a simple question:
"why can't we book and buy local services online, just like we order and buy other products online?" We knew that if we could find a way, we could fundamentally change the way the world buys local services forever.

Today, we buy local services pretty much the same way our grandparents did, using a directory. Sure, there are search engines and review sites that drown us with too much information, but even after we pick a service provider, we still have to check references, compare prices and schedule a time (assuming they even call us back) ... at the end of the day, we're still on our own. Pricing, booking, and payment are all done offline and the worst part of all is that we have no real buying power — when it comes to buying local services, we're all alone.

The good news is that through a combination of hard work (and a bit of luck) we figured out how to do it better. We call it ClubLocal – a faster, easier, revolutionary way to book and buy local services online, where you enjoy the benefits of club buying power and is 100% free to join with no membership fee.

ClubLocal does all the hard work for you. Instantly book an appointment online, with our free iPhone app, or just call us. We send you a pre-screened, "A" rated Service Pro to fix your problem. We've checked the average prices in your area & pre-negotiated discounts on over 10,000 local services. Once the work is complete, you simply pay ClubLocal and we store all your paperwork in your online account and stand behind the work with our ClubLocal Satisfaction Guarantee.

ClubLocal Satisfaction Guarantee

Mission accomplished – You can now buy local services as easily, intelligently and as safely as buying products online. We can't wait to hear what you think of your first service with us.

ClubLocal Owls showing many of our home repair services